5,000 Characters

183 — The Oberstar

Even though he refers to himself in the third person, and drew this picture, the Artist is not, in fact, schizophrenic.

They say that the Oberstar was once a man.  That perhaps, in constantly dealing with INFRASTRUCTURE! policy, he somehow hit critical mass that set off a chain reaction and turned him into a being of pure energy.

This, however, is unlikely.  For as long as any sentient being has known, the Oberstar has always existed, deep in space, using his limitless source of energy to power transit and INFRASTRUCTURE! projects.

As alluded to in a previous post, the Oberstar will be critical to America’s next transportation bill.

To find out more about America’s transportation policy, check out Blueprint America: Beyond the Motor City.  It is a documentary the Artist worked on!  It airs on PBS tonight, February 8th.  It’s 10pm for New York folks, otherwise check your local listings.

UPDATE: For those of you who did not catch the show ‘cause you were too busy watching Seinfeld reruns or something, WATCH THE SHOW.  You’ll learn stuff, and then I’ll finally be able to respect you slightly more.

Here’s a link to the entire thing online: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/blueprintamerica/reports/beyond-the-motor-city/video/939/

So now you can watch it at work instead of doing those TPS cover sheet reports.

4 years ago

February 8, 2010

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